Practice Ignition Updates: Multiple recipients for client notifications and more!

We have been hard at work improving your Practice Ignition experience - and wanted to let you know of a few small but significant changes we have made!

First things first, you probably already know about our Client Notifications feature that allows you to automatically send invoices or payment receipts to your clients. If you don’t know about this feature yet, have a read of our article here.

Since releasing this feature, we have received feedback from practices that they want more flexibility in nominating who will receive these notifications at a client organisation - and we are happy to announce we have made some improvements to do just this!

Manage who receives invoice and payment receipts

You can now nominate which email address(es) will receive invoices and/or payment receipts in the Client Notifications screen.

You can set as many client emails as needed - for instance you may want to send a copy of the invoice/receipt to:

  1. the client contact,
  2. the clients accounts department and
  3. the clients receipt-management app (e.g., Hubdoc/Receiptbank)

Simply add each email and they will all receive a copy! Have a look at the below video on how to set and amend these:

We hope that makes notifying your client of an invoice or payment even easier!

Now let’s look at a few more changes we have made to streamline your Practice Ignition experience…

Easily select contract start and end dates with presets

When selecting the term of your contract, you can now select from a set of preset date ranges with one click! Select from financial year, calendar year or 12 months from this or next month (starting on 1st of month).

Proposal Date Pre Sets
Select proposal dates with one click from a range of pre-sets

We hope this makes creating your proposals and contracts just a little faster!

Improved notification of client comments and contract acceptance

We have expanded who is notified by email when a client accepts or comments on a proposal. Now client partner, manager and the proposal creator will all be notified via email - so you don’t miss an important client notification again!

In case you don’t know how to use proposal comments, have a look at our article here.

Manage job deployment to XPM after a contract is accepted

If you are using our integration with Xero Practice Manager (XPM), we have made it easier to enable and disable job deployment.

Now, in the jobs tab of a proposal, you can enable or disable job deployment after a proposal is accepted. Also, if there are any jobs that have not been deployed, you will see this indicated and deploy them.

You could use this if:

  1. You had job deployment disabled in your proposal when it was accepted, but now want to deploy XPM jobs
  2. You want to turn off deployment of recurring jobs set up in a proposal

Have a look at this video for how to deploy jobs after a proposal is active:

Your clients have always been able add or update their payment details via a secure payment link.

If you’ve never sent this secure payments link to your clients to update their details, you can read about how to do this in our article on managing client payment details here.

We have now made it even easier to send the payment details form - just hit ‘Copy Link’ in the Client Payments tab and you can then paste it into your own email to your client.

Copy Client Payment Details Link
Copy a secure client payment link to your clients to update their details

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to improving Practice Ignition with each new release! Stay tuned - Onwards and Upwards!

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