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You see them all the time from software companies, heck you've received two from us in the past month. Why do we do them? Very simply product updates make us money and they do this in three primary ways.

  1. Increasing actual revenue by selling additional products to clients
  2. Improving customer retention by notifying them of non paid new features
  3. Strengthening customer relations by showing continued improvement of our product

In the context of an accounting firms point 1 is usually going to be the most relevant, let's tackle that.

Often, we get the chance to interview colleagues and influencers in the accounting space. Seldom, though, do we find an interviewee who serves up quite as much in the way of 'salient takeaways' as Laura Redmond from Aero Workflow (a product of Cloud Consultancy). Aero Workflow is a company that is helping accountancies streamline workflows across the board. Laura is also Principal at Redmond Accounting, giving all the more weight to her words for those in the industry.

The Digital Cpa

Innovative Orlando, Florida-based online accountancy, the digital CPA, eschews 'tradition' in a remarkably effective manner. Offering traditional bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax services. the digital CPA also offers its clients a menu of training and support services.

Let's talk about a subject seldom broached in accounting circles. That is, let's talk about aggressiveness.

Although clients and colleagues alike appreciate a certain level of conservativeness in an accountancy, one thing that many (let's be honest!) partners could stand is to let their proverbial hair down and to permit themselves to proactively solicit new business - aggressively. Growth is the path to sustaining a practice, and, unfortunately, all too many partners working at firms around the globe are just too docile about growth.

Accodex Partners, an Adelaide-based startup that provides a cloud-based freelance accounting platform, has been a Practice Ignition client business for some time and the latest news from their offices is that they’ve used PI for an alternate purpose.

Accodex Logo

Adelaide ­– Accodex Partners, the cloud-based freelance accounting platform, today announced a successful round of capital raising, all in aide to its effort to expand in the United States. The company received $500,000 in capital to further its ongoing expansion efforts.

Accodex is a cloud-based platform allowing freelance accountants to manage a wide range of accounting tasks. The company previously concluded a successful round of fundraising in August of 2015, during which time it secured $180,000 (AUD).

Matt Wilkinson Bizink
Matt Wilkinson, CEO of Bizink.

"People worry too much about brand and brand consistency. What people want these days is authenticity. If you try and do everything "on brand" you come across like a corporate." - Matt Wilkinson

Recently, PI chatted with Bizink CEO Matt Wilkinson about better ways by which practices can deliver their messages. Bizink helps accountants succeed online. Matt’s advice confirms that time-tested policies – stretching back to the golden days of advertising – still rings true for accountancies of the 21st century.

Here’s what Matt had to say.

Accodex Logo

This a guest post from Caitie Copley, Chief Financial Officer for Accodex Partners, a management services firm based in Adelaide which has been using Practice Ignition for fundraising.

Earlier this year, Accodex’s CEO, Chris Hooper, sent a handful of employees to ‘intern’ at some of our Sydney-based suppliers for a week, to learn the technology and to broaden our networks. I was lucky enough to be sent to Practice Ignition (PI).

Static1 Squarespace

Joe Collins- Principal, Avalon Accounting

Avalon Accounting offers Bookkeeping and Controllership services to small to medium sized businesses spanning multiple industries- from tech to health and wellness to craft beer. Launched in 2015 and based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, nearly all of Avalon’s business is conducted online; saving time, money, and the environment.


This is a guest post from Steph Hinds of Growthwise, who are one of eight Xero platinum partners in Australia. They provide small business accounting on steroids that focuses on their client’s entire business to automate, streamline and improve their systems, processes and profits. Steph’s passionate about helping clients improve and hit their targets, she’s provided us with some insights into how she achieves this for so many of her clients.

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