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What's New

Proposals and payments are the tip of the iceberg. Every day we're focused on changing the way you do business.

Here are our latest releases, changes and updates.

Intuit Practice Management integration
Released June 29th 2020

Practice Ignition now integrates with Intuit Practice Management (IPM).

After connecting IPM to Practice Ignition, work will automatically be created in IPM when your client accepts a Practice Ignition proposal.

Intuit Practice Management is currently only available in the United States for ProConnect™ Tax Online and Lacerte®

Better visibility into your client billings
Released June 4th 2020

We've begun the roll-out of our new Client Billing Schedule. This feature is gradually being rolled out to all accounts over the coming weeks.

With the Client Billing Schedule, you'll be able to see a complete record of future billings at the client level. All client billings for every proposal can now be found in one place!

The new client Invoice & Payments view shows you a full invoice history for each client. You can also manage all payment collections for the client here, and see a timeline showing the invoice and payment collection history.

Client Billing Schedule is also the new place to go when invoicing "On Completion" or "Estimate" services. You'll see all items for the client that need to have a price confirmed before they can be billed in the Manual Billing area.

Finally, the clients list has a new filter which allows you to show clients with services that are due to be billed now, within the next week, within the next month or at any time.
Get started with new features on our Discover page!
Released April 21st 2020

You can now find the Discover page by navigating from the sidebar within your account (it's below 'Dashboard' 🕵️‍♀️). Our initial focus will be helping new customers get started, while our goal for existing customers will be to use the Discover page to curate education and self-onboarding of new features.

We will be releasing new content as we go, which makes this your go to place for discovering how to make the most of new or existing features. Tell us what you think!

Improved tax rate experience
Released April 14th 2020

We've finished rolling out some improvements to the way taxes work within Practice Ignition. New accounts now have a pre-loaded list of tax rates that's suitable for their region. There's also no longer a requirement to connect an accounting ledger if you want to display inclusive of tax prices to your clients.

When you do connect an accounting ledger there's a new section that allows you to quickly map the local tax rates to those in Xero or QuickBooks Online.

Request for additional information for payment enabled accounts
Released March 18th 2020

We'll be rolling out some changes to our payments system and Stripe integration starting from Wednesday the 18th of March, 2020. As a result you may see a notification banner within your payment collections, disbursals and payment setting pages requesting you to supply additional information.

The information requested is dynamically driven (based on what Stripe already has on file) and you will not be required to re-enter any previously submitted details. Many accounts will have all the necessary information and wont be required to enter anything further. Submitting this information is important and a failure to do so can result in delays to future payouts.

The information Stripe is required to collect differs from country to country, and typically includes (but is not limited to):

  • The individual creating the Stripe account
  • The business associated with the Stripe account
  • Any individuals who ultimately own or control that business

This request for information forms part of Practice Ignition's and Stripe's continued commitment to ensuring our Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations are met. These requirements come from regulators and are intended to prevent abuse of the financial system.

Measure what matters with support for Xero Tracking Categories
Released March 4th 2020

Today we’re announcing support for Xero Tracking Categories on the Professional and Scale plans! 🎉With this new time-saving feature, we’re making it easier for you to compare or review sales across different parts of your business so you can improve performance where its needed most. Set tracking categories on your clients in Practice Ignition and they’ll automatically be included on your invoices in Xero.

Manage price changes in bulk
Released March 3rd 2020

Pricing changes happen and the team at Practice Ignition can now help you manage them even more easily! You may want to update a price in bulk for instance if a software subscription vendor changes their prices and you need to pass that onto you clients.

Note that Xero are increasing their subscription prices in Australia effective March 18th, so if you'd like to quickly apply the price increase in Practice Ignition, check out this article. It describes how to get in touch with our team and start a request to update prices in bulk.

Subscription invoice format change
Released February 18th 2020

We've made a small change to the format of our subscription invoices. Payment fees are now grouped by payment type (ie. Direct Debit/ACH or Credit Card) and are grouped for that billing period. Previously payment fee's were calculated and sent across throughout the billing period.

This change should make it easier to read our invoices and will help to cut down the length of the document. You may see a mix of the old and new format on your next invoice however moving forward we will only issuing invoice with the new format.

Improved tax experience for new accounts
Released February 13th 2020

We've rolled out some improvements to the way taxes work within Practice Ignition. Starting today, new accounts have a pre-loaded list of tax rates that's suitable for the selected region. This means that there is no longer a requirement to connect an accounting ledger if you want to display inclusive of tax prices to your clients.

When you do connect an accounting ledger there's a new section within the ledger app settings that allows you to quickly map the local tax rates to those in the ledger.

This update is for accounts created on or after the 13th of February 2020. An update for all existing accounts will be made in the coming weeks.

See clients with expiring credit cards
Released February 4th 2020

If your clients have elected to pay you by credit card, you will now be able able to quickly access a list of clients who have an expiring credit card on file.

Access a list of clients with a credit card on file expiring before the end of next month via:

  1. A filter on the clients screen (go to clients, click 'filter' and enable the 'expiring cards' filter)
  2. Direct click from the dashboard on the "expiring cards" widget in the payments panel

This allows you to review this list, and follow-up with these clients to update their credit card details

Say Hello to Proposal Videos!
Released January 22nd 2020

We know videos make it easy for our customers to digest information, so why not share the love by giving you guys the power to attract new clients and enhance their onboarding experience with video? Today we're announcing video for proposals, providing Professional and Scale customers the capability to add a video that plays at the start of a proposal and another video that plays right after a client accepts a proposal.

QuickBooks Online oAuth 2.0 Upgrade
Released December 1st 2019

We have upgraded our integration with Quickbooks Online to use oAuth 2.0, offering greater security and identity management.

Process Direct Debit Payments in the UK!
Released November 20th 2019

With thanks to our wonderful beta testers for their feedback and support, we are excited to announce direct debits are live for all accounts in the UK! With this announcement, we’re making it even easier for UK-based accountants and bookkeepers to capture client billing information up front 100% of the time.

Client Self-Service Payment Retries
Released November 18th 2019

Today we’re releasing a cashflow boosting, time saving update for all our customers using Practice Ignition Payments. Your clients will now be notified if their payment fails, allowing them to retry the failed payment themselves - which means faster turnaround of payment issues for you!

Match by Name on Xero Practice Manager Client Import
Released October 17th 2019
We're focussing on a closer integration with Xero Practice Manager (XPM) to reduce client duplicates. Now when connecting or syncing XPM, before creating a new client from XPM, we will attempt to match on client name. If we can find a client with the same name, and that client in PI is not already matched to a client in XPM - we will map this client in PI to the XPM client.

Happy automating! 👩‍💻
Process AMEX Payments in Australia
Released October 4th 2019
One of Practice Ignition’s strategic goals is to provide payments parity across all our regions. We are pleased to announce that with the help of a new payments partner, we are able to offer the capability to accept American Express (AMEX) credit card payments from clients in Australia! 🚀
Sync changes to Karbon work templates
Released September 25th 2019
If you are using our Karbon integration, you can now sync the newest templates created in Karbon to your Practice Ignition account.
Get notified when a client adds a payment method
Released September 16th 2019
We have added a new email notification, sent to payment notification recipients of your Practice Ignition account, when a client updates their payment details via the client payment details form. You can then update any agreements that need to use it - so you always get paid on time! 🎉
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Regulation Changes
Released September 11th 2019
We have released changes to comply with PSD2 regulations in the UK.
Streamline Signing into Practice Ignition with Xero!
Released September 4th 2019

We have now released Single Sign-On with Xero 🎉This functionality will allow our Xero users to seamlessly switch between their core apps.

Export the details of a disbursal
Released August 6th 2019

You can now export the full details of all payments contained in a particular disbursal. This export can be useful if you want more information about what specific client payments are contained in a disbursal.

Automatically attach your default brochure to proposals
Released June 7th 2019
Sick of manually uploading that mediocre marketing brochure that your nephew made you last summer? Just kidding, it's awesome! Well now you can set a default brochure in the branding settings and have it automagically appear for every draft proposal. It's the simple things.
Add service descriptions to your Xero or QBO invoices
Released June 6th 2019
If you're a professional or scale plan customer, you can now include additional information relating to the scope of your services on your Xero or QBO invoices. To include service descriptions on your invoices, visit your App Settings in Xero or QBO.
Create and choose from a library of email templates for new proposals
Released June 3rd 2019
Email templates per proposal is now available! This functionality allows customers to add more than one client acceptance email template, plus the capability to select them when drafting a proposal.
New Zapier Trigger: Proposal State Change
Released May 27th 2019

From now on, any time a proposal changes status in PI, you can trigger a workflow in your other apps! For example, you move a proposal from Draft to In Review – you can automatically notify a colleague that the proposal is ready. A proposal gets marked as complete – send a thank you gift automatically (yes, you can do that).

Choose team members to manage your PI subscription
Released May 23rd 2019
If you are the creator of your Practice Ignition account, you can now elect additional team members who will be able to manage your Practice Ignition subscription.
Duplicate your Proposal Brochures
Released May 16th 2019

Duplicating a proposal will now also keep the original brochure attached to the new proposal.

Super user tip
- create draft proposal(s) as a template that can be duplicated. This saves time when setting up similar proposals, as little as 10 sec to create and send a proposal from a duplicate!

Personally Address Emails with Sender Placeholders
Released May 16th 2019

We have added some new placeholders allowing you to personally address emails from the sender selected on a proposal.

Bulk send draft proposals
Released May 16th 2019

You can now bulk send proposals from draft state, without moving them to in review.

Improved clarity for ACH verification (USA)
Released April 26th 2019
We have clarified on the acceptance page, the different pathways your clients can use to verify their bank account and the important considerations. We hope this will allow your clients to more confidently verify instantly via internet banking where they can, or conversely, be more informed on the micro-deposit verification process.

We have also added events to the proposal history and given you easy access to the micro-deposit verification form in case you need to re-send this to your client.
Exclude Continuously Billed Proposals from Rollover
Released April 23rd 2019

We've made some improvements to enable rollovers and continuous recurring billing to work better together.

In the rollover process, you can now choose to exclude proposals with continuous recurring billing from rollover. This helps if you have a mix of recurring and non-recurring proposals, or proposals billed ongoing (versus renewed annually).

Simply elect to exclude these proposals and you can focus your attention only on proposals that need to be rolled over!

If you do want to rollover some proposals that have continuous recurring billing (e.g. you are reviewing your prices) then you can instead opt-in to include these proposals for rollover.

If you do select any continuously billed proposals for a rollover, we will turn off continuous billing on the original proposal (to avoid billing your clients).

See clients with ACH payment methods awaiting verification (USA)
Released February 22nd 2019

If your clients have elected to verify their ACH payment method via micro-deposits, you will now be able to quickly access a list of clients who are yet to verify their account - allowing you to follow-up with these clients and get paid faster!

You can now access a list of your clients with verifying ACH payment methods from

  1. A filter on the clients screen
  2. Direct click through from the dashboard "awaiting verification" widget

This allows you to review this list, and follow-up with these clients to have their payment methods verified.

Manage who your communications appear from
Released February 19th 2019

A great way to add a personal touch to proposals is to use a personal message. You can now also control who that message appears from when a client view it.

By default, the message will appear to be from your company, but this can be changed to instead appear from any current user on Practice Ignition.

Create proposals for clients with no email
Released February 7th 2019

Practice Ignition aims to be as automated as possible, and most of your clients will have an email address, but for those few who don’t (and still operate entirely by snail mail) you can now create proposals for these clients without adding an email address.

Export your services revenue directly from the dashboard!
Released January 31st 2019

We have added two new exports for you to see your services revenue for your practice and for each client. This revenue can be calculated for a certain period of time and exported directly from the dashboard! 🎉