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Cyber Monday Sale: 30% off new Professional and Scale annual plans

How It Works

We’re going to show you how Practice Ignition works with a real life scenario. Follow the timeline to see how it can fit in your workflow.
29 Nov '21
You have a meeting with a prospective client
Location: Cafe nearby

Meet Tom Maxwell

Tom has heard good things about your business from a friend and needs your services. He's excited and ready to get started!
You drafted a proposal in Practice Ignition
Proposal #120953
You sent the proposal to Tom
Tom opened and viewed the proposal
via mobile
Tom has digitally signed the proposal

Tom just signed his first proposal!

Wouldn't it be nice if winning business was this easy for all your clients?

And now the magic happens.
Software integrations

Invoices are created in your accounting software and workflow tasks are off and running.

Dashboard analytics

Your client’s data is added to your dashboard so you can make better business decisions and forecast your success.

Payment collection

Once your client’s payment information is collected on a proposal, Practice Ignition automatically bills them on your schedule.

Practice Ignition has raised invoice and collected $850.00
Credit card ending in 4580
···· ···· ···· 4580
November 29th, 2021
1 day later
Practice Ignition has disbursed $850.00 to you
Account - 'Alfa Prof. 9073 2854'
Invoice has been marked as paid
Invoice #94876
1 year later
Tom has re-signed and renewed his proposal
2 services changed, 1 service added

Clients like Tom love Practice Ignition because it's easy to understand and simple to use.

You'll love Practice Ignition because it helps you sign more clients and get paid faster.

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