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With Practice Ignition you just need to enter your client details, pick your engagement letter template and click SEND. They'll receive your proposal with your engagement letter attached. This means far less admin work for you and your team.

Reduce human error

When you build engagement letters by 'copy and pasting' and replacing company names you're bound to make mistakes. Practice Ignition eliminates any chance of error by generating the engagement letter with the client information you provide. 

Multiple engagement letters

Prepare engagement letter templates for every situation. Adding the right engagement letter to a proposal takes only a few clicks. No more fumbling around with unorganized word documents.

Automatically appended terms for each service

Do your services have specific terms that need to be added to your engagement letters? With Practice Ignition, you can add terms to be appended based on the services you're providing. It's truly set it and forget it. 

Beautifully incorporated

The client receives a stunning proposal with an engagement letter attached that is bound to impress. They don't need to print anything and have everything they need to start in one document.  

All in one place

Everything is digitally stored for easy access. You now have one place to see all engagement letters, proposals, invoices and payments. It gives you insight to everything that's ever happened with your clients.

Accounting and workflow integrations

Practice Ignition will create your jobs in Workflow Max and Xero Practice Manager based on acceptance of an engagement letter. Reconcile your invoices automatically with Xero and QuickBooks Online. 

Smarter digital signatures

One signature covers your engagement letter, proposal and payment terms. This reduces the friction for new clients to sign up, which means more sales for your business.

Engagement Letter Automation Software FAQ
Can my clients print their engagement letter?

Yes, we provide a PDF of the engagement letter that they can save and print for future reference.

Does Practice Ignition work for more than just accountants and bookkeepers?

Practice Ignition works great for any client-focused business. In the end of the day, an engagement letter is just a contract that your client signs. Almost every business should be getting their client to sign some sort of contract or terms of service when starting an engagement.

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