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Client information, communication, contracts, proposals, payments — all in one place.

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Client information in one place

Pull your client information and data in to one central hub. 

Practice Ignition gives you oversight on: client data (address, contact info), client communication, contracts, proposals sent, invoices received, payments received, outstanding payments and much more. 

This is the client management software you need to grow and scale your business.

Tag, filter, search and sort

Practice Ignition makes it easy to stay organized with all the functionality you need to tag, search, sort and filter clients. 

Assign clients

Invite your team to Practice Ignition and assign them clients so everyone knows exactly who they're responsible for. You can assign managers and partners to clients to set a hierarchy of authority. 

Send proposals and quotes

Practice Ignition is the easiest way to send proposals and quotes to clients. Once you build a library of your services, you can build proposals and quotes in minutes. Give your team the tools they need to sell more and do less busy work. 

Accept payments

Practice Ignition is the easiest way to start billing clients for the services you provide. Require payments via credit card or direct debit/ACH on your proposals. 

Collect payments on acceptance, on a recurring basis or bill automatically once the job is done. When you start billing through Practice Ignition you'll chase clients less for payments and improve your cash flow. 

Track proposals and payments

Monitor everything that's happening with your client from lead, to sale and more. Track when a lead has opened their proposals to ensure that you follow up and make the sale. Keep on top of outstanding payments owing and bill clients all at once. 

Manage client contracts

Practice Ignition generates your contracts, terms of service or engagement letter automatically when you engage a client. This means that you can get compliant proposals out faster and more efficiently. All of your contracts are stored in your client view for easy access. 

Built in client communication

Monitor communication that you have with your client from within the Practice Ignition dashboard. You can leave notes and communicate with clients from within your proposals. This is a great way to overcome objections and close the deal.

Insights your business needs

Practice Ignition gives you a dashboard which lets you monitor the health and growth of your client-focused business. See a forecast of revenue for the year ahead, client count, payment disbursals and more. Track your sales pipeline and make sure that your leads never get forgotten about.

Streamline your workflow

With our integrations, you can deploy workflow for your services automatically on acceptance of a proposal. This improves efficiency across your business and lets you get to work faster. Our Zapier integration allows you to connect to over 1,000 different apps. We also have native integrations for both Workflow Max and Xero Practice Manager

Access from anywhere

Practice Ignition is based in the cloud which means that you can see client data, send proposals and get paid from anywhere. So long are the days of downloading software and saving spreadsheets to your desktop. 

Client Management Software FAQ
What is client management software?

Client management software gives you a central place manage to everything related to your clients. That includes communication, contracts, proposals, payments, invoices and more. It puts all of that information under one login, instead of multiple spreadsheets and software.

What types of businesses does Practice Ignition work for?

Practice Ignition was originally build for the accounting industry but works for and client-focused businesses with recurring revenue. Some examples are: accounting firms, bookkeeping practices, corporate cleaners, consultants, gyms, marketing agencies, waste management and more.

Do you limit the number of users I can invite?

No we don't! Invite everyone on your team to have their own login with Practice Ignition. Our pricing plans are based on the number of clients you have.

What size business works best with Practice Ignition?

We have businesses ranging from 20 client freelancers to 3,000+ client organizations. Practice Ignition will scale with your business as you grow.

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