Product Update for March 2017: UI redesign, Gmail action buttons and flexible payment collection

April 6th, 2017 by Nick Dainty 1 minute read

Practice Ignition was redesigned! ✨

As you will have noticed, we've got a new look. The redesign also brought some new features with it like Quick Add and Global Search.

You can read lots more about the changes in this article. Or if you prefer a video, Tom from our customer success team has put together a great 10 minute walk-through of the changes here.

Flexible payment collection

If you're using Practice Ignition payments, you now have more control over when payment is collected from your clients. Payment collection for any invoice can now be brought forward or delayed to a date of your choice.

Read more about how to change payment collection dates

View And Sign

Gmail action button

If your clients use Gmail or Google Inbox, they'll now see a "View & Sign" link beneath the subject of any proposals you send them. Clicking this link will take them straight to their proposal.

Redesigned Sign In and Sign Up pages

You may have noticed that our sign in page now looks a little nicer. You're also now able to show your password so you can spot any typos.

Check in again next month for another update 😃

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