From Adelaide to Sydney: My week in the Practice Ignition Office

February 21st, 2016

This a guest post from Caitie Copley, Chief Financial Officer for Accodex Partners, a management services firm based in Adelaide which has been using Practice Ignition for fundraising.

Earlier this year, Accodex’s CEO, Chris Hooper, sent a handful of employees to ‘intern’ at some of our Sydney-based suppliers for a week, to learn the technology and to broaden our networks. I was lucky enough to be sent to Practice Ignition (PI).

PI has long been one of Accodex’s most important apps. As CFO, I am tasked with ensuring that money is coming in so the business can continue to grow and PI has proven valuable to that end. Although I use PI almost every day, I didn’t know everything that the app was capable of until I traveled from Adelaide to Sydney to spend a week with Guy Pearson and the team at PI.

Hands-On Experience

Although during my time at PI, I worked on internal Accodex business, Guy made it clear that I was able to sit in on as many of his meetings that I found interesting and relevant to what I wanted to learn. I sat in on many meetings, including one in which we on-boarded a new app and an initial meeting with a marketing consultant.

As I have a sound knowledge of Xero, Guy suggested that I help with Practice Ignition’s End of Month procedures and consolidated accounts. Accodex has EoM procedures, but nothing quite as complex as PI’s. Dealing with five different currencies is not something I have had exposure to before, so it was great training to work with Guy on PI’s internal finances – something that will help me become a better CFO for Accodex.

The Apps the Power PI

Whilst working at the PI office, I was also introduced to new communications and organisational apps. Practice Ignition is using Slack to hold person-to-person conversations that do not disrupt the whole office and to share important office news that everyone should have access to. Trello is a project management app that I got to have a look at. Trello allows the employee to set up their tasks and to-do lists to the way they work best. 

On my final day at PI, I received training from PI Customer Success Manager Andrea Ho. Andrea pointed out ways that Accodex could use PI to improve our client engagement and therefore make my job as CFO easier. Of the PI features, Andrea demonstrated to me, I particularly like the ‘rejected payments’ tab, which gives users visibility of failed payments and allows them to follow up with debtors.

I also got a sneak peek at the new dashboard that the development team is currently working on. As with everything PI develops, it looks great and is going to be super handy for practices using PI.

Lasting Impressions

All in all, my week at PI was a fun and educational experience. It was great to be involved in a different office experience than I’m used to, with really friendly staff who are dedicated to making helping accounting firms transition to the cloud and profit from the experience.

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Caitie Copley is anccounting nerd, real estate aficionado and maniacal sport fan, in addition to being Accodex's Chief Financial Officer.
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