Partner Terms

<p><strong>A Practice Ignition partner agrees to:</strong></p><ol><li>Show our partner logo on the page,</li><li>Provide a webpage which explains how Practice Ignition works with Xero and WorkflowMax,</li><li>Render services around Practice Ignition to be charged by you for setup, installing and training Practice Ignition,</li><li>Actively recommend Practice Ignition where you think it’s a good fit.</li><li>Cross promote Practice Ignition on their websites, via social media channels and in blogs.</li><li>Provide feedback on new features before they are released.</li><li>Keep our roadmap private.</li></ol><p>Practice Ignition bares the right to invite in any partners they see as a beneficial partner to the partner program and reserves the right to remove partners at their own discretion with good reason (3 counts of negative customer feedback as a minimum or gross misconduct in breach of their own services agreements).</p><p>Any defamatory marks against Practice Ignition will result in an immediate expulsion.</p><p>All parties that are in consideration for removal from our Partner Program will be given adequate time (2 weeks) to prove otherwise to Practice Ignition partner manager to avoid removal.</p>