Launch Training and Setup Program

Our collective experience of working with thousands of practices means that we can professionally optimize your firm's journey, to ensure you get started on the right foot and confidently manage your practice in the future.

How does the program work?

We work together to implement your practice with the correct templates and settings, and offer endless amounts of educational materials all along the way.

Our 5 phase launch program is perfect for practices who:

  • • Don't have the time or resources to set up their account
  • • Prefer a fully-guided experience over doing it themselves
  • • Need their account setup quickly and correctly

Start your training and setup today

The 5 Phases

Phase 1


We first begin with gathering all of the content we need to populate your account - think engagement letters, services, and clients as a few examples. This is so we can have your account set up in time for your first training session, where we take you through the fundamentals of Practice Ignition.

We’ll then collaborate with you on a few action items, such as moving some of your existing engagements into Practice Ignition, and start preparing any new engagements you have in the pipeline.

Phase 2


Next is the review session, where we will review your engagements and make appropriate suggestions that can ensure best practices for your practice.

If you need a couple more sessions to get things right, that's not an issue! This phase specifically exists as a moment for both of us to be sure you know exactly what you are doing once you have completed the program.

Phase 3


This phase is all about getting your account to complete engagement. We will help you migrate all of your current client agreements into PI, so you can start taking advantage of full compliance, centralized data and most importantly, an accurate dashboard.

At this point we will work with you to implement discounted payments (where applicable) and optionally, the web connector to link your services onto your own company website.

Phase 4


Now that account is completely set up, this phase focuses on the next steps. Moving forward, you’ll receive VIP support and quarterly reviews with your Customer Success Manager.

You’ll additionally be offered access to our Facebook group featuring various kinds of users and Practice Ignition employees to see feature requests, start open discussions, and follow what's happening at Practice Ignition.

We also offer the chance to take on more sessions with one of our Customer Success Managers between quarterly reviews, if you have any direct questions you would like answered.

Phase 5


When the time comes for annual contract renewals, your CSM will be there to help you with your contract rollovers.

We’ll guide you on the best process for moving forward and will ensure that all your workflows withing Practice Ignition go off without a hitch.

How much?

Only a one time fee at the beginning of the program.


Start your training and setup today

All prices paid upfront are in USD and exclude tax.

  • • Up to 50 services setup in your account
  • • Up to 3 engagement letters imported
  • • VIP support - priority in customer service
  • • Dedicated customer success manager
  • • Complete team training session

Note: This program is optional, and is not required for you to completely experience Practice Ignition. You’ll still have access to a variety of materials and information (all in-app guided tours, help articles and customer support) if you do not purchase the Launch program.

To subscribe to Practice Ignition, our pricing plans are available here.

Your customer success team

The best group to get you started with Practice Ignition.

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