Xero HQ + Practice Ignition

A game changer for Xero partners running true cloud practice management.
Practice Ignition is one of the first app partners to integrate and launch with Xero HQ. The opportunities are now endless for Xero Partners looking to create true cloud efficiencies.
The integration between Xero HQ and Practice Ignition puts you in the driver's seat of your practice, allowing you to take action when an event occurs within Practice Ignition, thanks to real-time alerts.
These alerts are sent directly from Practice Ignition to Xero HQ when an action is taken or a response is received.
Here’s a look at the alerts you’ll start to receive after you have enabled the integration.
Proposal accepted

We'll notify you when a proposal has been accepted, allowing you to view your latest value added.

Client commented

Keep track of comments added to proposals to always be in conversation with your clients and know their needs.

Payment collection failed

Not the best notification, but a critical one. Take action straight away to resolve urgent issues.

Credit card expiring

Notifications will keep you on top of expiring credit cards to avoid an uncomfortable circumstance later.

How it works

When one of the events below occurs in Practice Ignition, an alert is created in Xero HQ for you to view and take appropriate action.

A client's first proposal has been accepted
A client has accepted a proposal
A client has commented on a proposal
A payment collection has failed
A credit card for a proposal is expiring soon
Unique business actions

Stay on top of every unique action your clients and prospective clients take on a Practice Ignition proposal.

No longer will you need to switch between apps - you now have a simple approach to addressing individual actions in a single interface.

Stay on top of your game

Celebrate the wins with Practice Ignition and Xero HQ. When you win new business, a practice level alert is published to the Xero HQ activity feed.

Get the big picture while your team focuses on the client specific details.


Does it cost anything to integrate Practice Ignition to Xero HQ?

No, this a free integration that has been built in partnership with both teams at Xero and Practice Ignition. This is covered as part of your subscription to Practice Ignition.

Do I need to use Xero to use Xero HQ?

No, you don’t need to run your practice on Xero to integrate into Practice Ignition into Xero HQ. All Xero Partners have free access to Xero HQ. You’ll get the most benefit out of Xero HQ based on the clients you have that are using Xero.

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