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Build proposals in minutes

Build out a library of your services and pricing and build proposal in minutes, as opposed to hours or days. You can now create proposals during meetings and have clients sign and pay right then. Make time your competitive advantage.

Track when they're opened

It's easy to monitor when a client opens their proposal. You can filter all proposals to see which ones have been seen and not signed to ensure that they're followed up. It's the x-ray vision your business needs to close more deals. 

Follow up with one click

Send out bulk follow ups to outstanding proposals. Your clients will receive an email notification telling them that there's a new comment on their proposal. It's an easy and effective way to remind clients to sign their proposals.

Easy adjustments

It's simple to make adjustments to proposals for anything from pricing or change of scope. The client can go back to the same link that you originally shared to see the updated version. Now that's smart proposal tracking software.

Client communication built in

Overcome objections and answer questions from your clients right in the proposal. When you reply to a comment, your client needs to open up the proposal to see the response. At that point they're just a few clicks away from accepting your proposal.

Accept payments on your proposals

Stop chasing clients for payments and accept payments via credit card or direct debit/ACH right on your proposals. You can bill clients on acceptance, on completion or on a recurring basis.

Track outstanding payments

Get the complete view of outstanding payments for your business. If you're done the job, it's just one click to bill your clients for the work done. You can also bulk bill and invoice all at once. It's never been easier to get paid from your clients.

With the integrations you need

Practice Ignition integrates with your accounting software (Xero or QuickBooks Online) and will automatically reconcile invoices for you. Also you can automatically deploy your workflow based on proposals being accepted by the client.

Proposal Tracking Software FAQ
What is proposal tracking software?

Proposal tracking software allows you to create proposals and track when they've been opened and signed by clients. This is becoming essential software for professional service businesses.

How do I know when a client's opened a proposal?

Filter proposals that have been sent but not yet signed by the client. From there, proposals that have been viewed will be marked with a small email symbol.

Do I need separate software for eSignatures?

Not with Practice Ignition! We include eSignatures so you don't need any other software to send and track proposals.

What document formats do you use for your proposals?

Practice Ignition proposals are web based, meaning you just have to click a link to see the proposal. Within that link the client does have the option to see and save a PDF version if they'd like.

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