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Our public relations professionals will help you develop a marketing communications plan that includes a budget, strategy, and actionable goals so that you can put your best face forward.
Public relations help you build your credibility and leverage your reputation for driving sales. Outsourcing this strategy to our professional team gives you the opportunity to focus on doing what you do best, while an outside expert focuses on the ins and outs of your relationship with the public.
Our firm specializes in social media management, influencer marketing, crisis mitigation, and long-term publicity campaigns. Our PR of specialists come equipped with a range of experience spanning all media channels from print and radio to social networks, television, and influencer outreach.
By the end of our business arrangement, you will have a public relations strategy in place spanning all relevant media outlets. We hope to enter a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with your company.
Thank you for considering this public relations proposal template. Please feel free to reach out at {{contact.email }} if you have any questions.
We look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss next steps. 


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We know how important it is to build ongoing relationships with the right people. We'll begin the process by researching and identifying influencers within your niche, and from there, establish goals and a plan of action.

We'll handle the initial outreach process, then develop a set of standards that will allow you to continue your efforts when our service has concluded.

Our professionals will focus on the following areas to help you build a successful influencer strategy:

  • Develop influencer personas
  • Find potential partners that align with brand values
  • Timely response to influencer's needs/requests
  • Help client establish mutually beneficial relationships with influencers

Our public relations firm will conceive, produce and manage your unpaid communications to the public through various media channels, with the intent of changing the public's opinion for the better.
Communications include television, radio, print media, blog posts, and social media or any alternative form of media for which the sponsoring organization is not required to pay a fee.
Our professionals will craft a customized campaign that targets your key market or markets, reaching different audiences with different messaging.
In addition to crafting a big picture media campaign, this service includes the following:
•    Plan and direct public relations campaigns for the purpose of cultivating a favorable public image for the client.
•    Blog updates
•    Website design and maintenance
•    Crisis Management


Our team of professionals will help you develop a cross-platform strategy across the channels that most make sense for your company. Our experts will help you come up with creative ways to showcase your brand and connect with the public—increasing brand awareness and growing your business.
Our social media strategy includes the following:

  • Content creation
  • Social promotions and campaigns
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Social listening
  • Ongoing engagement efforts
  • Social selling
  • Measuring your ROI
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This agreement functions as a formal understanding of our arrangement moving forward. It also provides an overview of the public relations services we will provide and any limitations you need to be aware of.

Purpose, Scope, and Deliverables

We will provide social media strategy, influencer marketing, and an ongoing public relations campaign, which includes the planning and execution of various efforts aimed at increasing public awareness and maintaining a favorable reputation within your market.

Project Period of Performance

The project begins on { proposal.commencement_date }} and will end on {{ proposal.end_date }}. Work will only take place outside of the dates above if both parties extend the agreement in formal writing.


On our end, all information obtained from the company will remain confidential. We will not disclose this information to other parties unless permission is granted by the company or in the case that the law requires disclosure.


Fees reflect mutually agreed upon rates to be billed on a monthly or hourly basis. This arrangement is only subject to change under the following circumstances:

Liability Limitation

A Professional Standards Legislation-approved scheme limits our liability.

Deliverable Ownership

All original documents obtained from the client will remain the property of the client. That said, we retain the right to keep copies of content, strategy, or other documents for our company records.

Electronic documents and hard copies produced within the scope of this contract will be provided to the client, but the firm retains rights to this content.

Terms of Service

•    The client and contractor will hold weekly update meetings or conference call to discuss the progress of campaigns.

•    All documents and information exchanged during this term of this contract will be considered and treated as confidential.

•    All communications concerning any part of this agreement must be submitted in writing.

•    No public relations contractor will have the authority to speak or act on behalf of the client's company.

•    The contractor is not eligible for insurance benefits, worker’s compensation, or retirement contributions designated for employees of the company.

Contract Termination

Should you wish to dissolve the terms of this contract, we ask that you notify us at least 30 days in advance. No refunds will be issued.

Confirmation of Terms of Service

Upon agreement with the terms, we ask that you sign and return this document to confirm that you understand the full scope of this arrangement.

The contract is effective upon signing, and changes between the two parties must be communicated in writing.

Kind regards,

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