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Lawn Care Services Proposal Template

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Attractive landscaping and a well-kept lawn are essential for making your home or business presentable to guests and customers. We service all types of lawns – at private residences, apartment complexes, commercial centers, office buildings, sports fields – anywhere there are outdoor plants that need care.

Since our founding, we have developed a reputation for consistency and trustworthiness. We offer personalized services for your green spaces at a fair price. With a deep understanding of the topography, terrain, and native plants of your region, you can trust that we will make recommendations to fit your unique needs and budget.

We hire only the most qualified lawn care professionals, invest in high-quality equipment from the leading brands, and use only the most up-to-date and effective procedures and treatments on your lawn.

Let us treat you with the friendly professionalism that you deserve. We are proud of our work and our ability to meet your full satisfaction.

Thank you for your review of this customized proposal. Should you have any questions, you may reach us at (insert phone number) or (email address). 


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On Acceptance

Has your landscaping been damaged by adverse weather, overuse, chemical or fertilizer spills, animal urine, or poor care by another landscaping service? We will not only restore your yard to its previous state, but also make it look better than ever.

 We will develop a personalized plan for either a one-time cleanup, or periodic services, depending on your needs. For periodic services, we recommend at least a once-yearly cleanup in the fall or spring, when there is the greatest accumulation of debris. 

 We offer an array of clean up services, including:

  • Leaf, brush, weed, and debris removal
  • Leaf, brush, weed, and debris hauling
  • Dead foliage and shrub pruning
  • Plant bed maintenance
  • Fertilizing
  • Re-sodding
  • Re-mulching

 No job is too big or complicated for us.  We offer eco-friendly disposal and recycling of leaves to create compost and mulch. 


A healthy, beautiful lawn is essential to keeping your property looking neat and clean. Trying to handle lawn care on your own can be challenging and time-consuming – let us use our expertise to save you time and effort!

We offer year-round lawn mowing, trimming, edging, debris removal, and blowing services. We will work with you to develop a customized plan for your needs, which can include any of the following services:

  • Lawn cutting 
  • Edging
  • Tree and shrub trimming 
  • Leaf and rubbish removal 
  • Bush pruning 
  • Fertilization 
  • Weed control 
  • Aeration

Anytime you need assistance that falls outside the terms of your negotiated contract, we are happy to provide an estimate and complete the services for an additional fee. 


Whether you are looking to update your home or commercial space, we can design and install a complete landscape that is vibrant and usable. We will work with you to design a layout, choose your materials, and bring your vision to life.

 We specialize in the following landscaping projects: 

  • Curb appeal to prepare your property for sale
  • Walkways, bricks, and pavers
  • Design and installation of nature trails
  • Tree, shrub, and flower planting
  • Mulch and sod installation
  • Drainage solutions
  • Irrigation installation
  • Bamboo removal and installation
  • Patio and fire pit design and build
  • Lighting design and installation

 We also offer ongoing landscape and bed maintenance services (for an additional fee) to ensure that your newly landscaped space stays just as beautiful as the day it was installed.

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This letter serves to confirm the mutual understanding of the terms of this engagement. It also describes the consulting services that we will provide and the associated limitations.

Purpose, Scope, and Deliverables

We will provide lawn care services, including routine lawn care, lawn clean-up services, and landscape design and installation.  

Project Term and Contract Renewal

 The project will begin on (insert date) and end on (insert date), for a period of one year. The contract will automatically renew for an additional one year on the anniversary of the date of the signing of this agreement.

Service Schedule

Lawn care will be completed on a weekly basis, as specified in the proposal. The landscaping crew will observe customer holidays and make schedule adjustments as needed to meet customer needs and expectations.

Fees and Invoicing

All invoicing will be itemized according to monthly work for special tasks. The fees charged are based on mutually accepted rates upon acceptance and on a monthly basis. This fee arrangement will only be subject to change under the following circumstances (list circumstances which may change the costs of providing the services).

Invoicing will take place on the first day of the following month. The customer will provide payment within 30 days of invoice issue.

Liability Limitation

The liability of contractor to customer for any reason and upon any cause of action related to the performance of the work under this agreement whether in tort or in contract or otherwise shall be limited to the amount paid by the customer to the contractor pursuant to this agreement.

Landscaping and Lawn Care Staff Supervision

The contractor will ensure that all staff receives adequate supervision throughout the contract terms to ensure quality service.

Supplies and Equipment

The contractor will provide and maintain all necessary equipment and supplies, including but not limited to: landscaping equipment, debris removal bags, fertilizers, and mulch.

The customer will be responsible for additional landscaping supplies, including but not limited to: pavers, bricks, stones, tiles, and drainage and irrigation supplies. The contractor can furnish these products for an additional fee under a separate invoice.


The contractor holds all forms of insurance policies required by the law. These include: 

  • Comprehensive Liability Insurance
  • Property Damage Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Employee Status


All landscaping personnel supplied by the contractor are considered employees of the contractor. These personnel will not for any reason by considered employees of the customer. They are not eligible for any employment-based benefits or liability from the customer.


The contractor will not use or disclose any of the customer’s confidential business information to a third party.

Contract Cancellation

Termination of this contract requires notification at least 30 days prior to termination. No refunds will be issued for payment that has already been made.

Confirmation of Terms of Service

Upon agreement with the terms, please sign and return this letter to indicate your understanding of the arrangements. Contract effectiveness is from the date of signing unless any change is formally communicated in writing between the two parties.


 The Grass Guys Inc.

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