Practice Ignition User Guide: Contract Renewals (Rollovers)


Practice Ignition's Whitepapers are made to educate and inform those who who are interested in taking a deeper looking into the world of accounting.

At Practice Ignition we understand that contract rollovers are a critical part of workflow. This paper is designed as a guide to helping you achieve seamless rollovers, to minimise the stress you experience as an accounting practice owner. 

Firstly, we introduce why contracts should have an end date. Secondly, we discuss the key elements of running an accounting practice in a cloud-based, fixed-fee model. 

Our goal is to help business owners use rollovers as an opportunity to restructure and review their services, to maximise the value they add to their clients.

(We've also added a downloadable addendum to this guide: PI's Rollover Email template guide)

Please note: we ask for your name, company name, and email address simply to measure how many people choose to download this guide, with the goal of constantly improving the content we provide you. Your information will never be shared. 

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