Product Update - Win More Business With Professional Marketing Brochures

August 29th, 2018 by Tom Maxwell 4 minutes read

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When selling professional services, the best possible outcome is a happy new customer with good expectations of how your relationship will work.

To achieve this, your proposal needs to clearly articulate the scope of work, the price (and payment schedule), and the terms of business. You need to make it easy for your client to pay you and you need to remove the administrative bottlenecks that prevent you from getting started immediately.

Throughout all of this, you also need to reassure your client that they are partnering with the right advisor. After all, they are putting their business in your hands.

That’s quite a lot to achieve in one process. So, how can you deliver all of this information clearly, yet efficiently and confidently?

If you use Practice Ignition already, you’ve always had the ability to deliver a clear scope of services, fee schedule, and terms delivered in a neat online proposal that offers a smooth buying experience. You’ve also had the added bonus of back office efficiencies such as automated invoicing and payment collection and workflow automation in your cloud apps.

However, if you wanted to tell your story and truly showcase your brand, it’s very likely you’ve had to use other third party tools or added a couple of additional steps to your sales process.

After hearing from some of the most innovative accountants and professional service providers just like yourself, we’ve made some key additions to the features that have the biggest impact on your ability to sell your services.

Today, you can streamline your sales process even more with the release of two major updates to Practice Ignition: a new proposal acceptance experience and the ability to display professional marketing Brochures.

Complete flexibility over how you showcase your brand

You are the master of your own domain. Who are we to tell you how to present your brand to your customer? With embeddable brochures, you are in complete control of what you want to include in your proposal. Add as much or as little as you like, or don’t add a brochure at all. It’s up to you.

A step-through acceptance process

Think about the best online shopping experience you’ve had. The checkout process was fast, easy to understand, and frictionless. The new proposal acceptance experience combines the best practices from ecommerce with the best practices when selling professional services. We have taken the core elements of the classic Practice Ignition proposal accept screen and broken them down into simple steps, making it even easier for your client to consume the details.

The ability to use your existing collateral

If you’ve already invested in a well-designed brochure or proposal document, you can use it. We’ll just place it right alongside the proposal acceptance experience, which has an incredible 83% acceptance rate.

Using Canva to create brochure Masterpieces


If you haven't already got your own collateral, we highly recommend the amazing free online tool, Canva.

Canva makes graphic design simple. With pre-built templates, you can create your own professional brochure in minutes.

If you're still not sure what to include in your brochure, or how to design a brochure for yourself, don't worry!

The design team at Practice Ignition has done a lot of the heavy lifting already. Check out our pre-made templates that you can use and edit to your heart's content! If you see a template you like but it's not for your industry, use it anyway! With Canva, you can change absolutely everything to make it work for you.

Screencapture Practiceignition Marketing Brochures 2018 08 29 13 50 10
The Practice Ignition team has given you a head start. go to and click on any brochure to start editing it in Canva

Paying attention to the little details

The update to the proposal acceptance experience was an opportunity to address those little bug-bears that Practice Ignition users have been asking for. We now:

  • Display sales tax separately
  • Provide more flexibility when presenting the payment fee schedule. Choose to bundle your services into headline prices, or opt in to showing your client a detailed breakdown of your pricing based on services.
  • No longer display an end date if the proposal has continuous recurring billing enabled.

Next Steps: Start Using the New Acceptance Experience + Brochures Today.

If you’re brand new to Practice Ignition, we recommend booking a demo with your Territory manager, to see how the new proposal acceptance experience + brochures can help you win more business and streamline your onboarding processes.

If you already use Practice Ignition, or you are interested in the details, check out the following resources to help you get started:

We'd love to hear your feedback and hear how we can continue to improve your sales process while still keeping your business automated.

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