Automate your world.

Our smart proposals deliver a world class experience for you and your clients. Go beyond the cloud and learn how Practice Ignition can go to work for you.

Smart Proposals

Create and send bespoke client proposals in minutes. No more manual editing documents that take days (or weeks) to finalize and approve. Win business faster and start providing real value sooner.

Digital signatures

Capture your clients signature on acceptance. No pen and paper needed!

Payment collection

Securely collect your clients details and automatically bill according to the fee schedule.

Engagement letters

Each client proposal is presented with an automatically generated engagement letter outlining your fee schedule, scope of work and terms and conditions.

Template driven

Standardize your work with our service and template library for a consistent client experience every time.

Anywhere and anytime

Capture your clients approval at any time and on any device. Close the deal sooner and focus on what matters.

Clear & transparent

Service summary, fee schedule and terms are presented clearly and concisely.

Connect your website

Give your clients the freedom by replacing your contact us form with real time service quotes.

Audit trail

See who created and sent a proposal and what clients have read and accepted theirs.

Practice Ignition eliminates the burdensome task of creating engagement letters and obtaining client signatures.
Adam Puckett
Adam Puckett
Delap LLP

Automatic payments

A secure payment process that is driven by your clients approval and acceptance. Don't waste time chasing overdue invoices - we are collection, disbursal and reconciliation all in one.

Payment options

Direct Debit, ACH and credit card payments are supported in selected regions.

Improved cashflow

Know when to expect your funds with recurring payment plans. No more chasing overdue invoices.

End to end

We raise the invoice, collect the payment, disburse to you in full and then reconcile the invoice. Set and forget.

Required or optional

Payments can be enforced as part of acceptance or presented optionally, leaving you in control.

Flexible payment types

Payments can be processed on acceptance, on completion or included as a recurring value.

Rejection handling

Retry rejected payments with one click. Soon to expire cards are identified and highlighted.

Business insights

What does your business need to thrive in an ever-changing business environment? Predictability. With real-time updates and revenue targets, your dashboard tells you where you'll be up to 12 months in advance.

Real time visibility

Seamlessly track each individual payment with our filtering and search.

Forecasted revenue

The numbers that allow you to envision your future endeavours.

See your cashflow

Know how much revenue each of your services contributes to your practice.

Establish objectives

What will I achieve this month, financially? Now you can document it.

Practice Ignition is the ultimate win-win situation, as it all happens up-front, which cements the client/adviser relationship as being safe, efficient and easy.
Dom Papaluca
Dom Papaluca
Rise Business Solutions

Scope management

Formalize both parties’ expectations of the relationship, and easily make changes to the scope as you help your clients grow their business. No more handshake agreements, now it’s all above board.

Easy adjustments

Edit the proposal, change the pricing and send to the client in minutes.

Manage your upsells

Add more revenue by uncovering upsell opportunities with existing clients.

Automated updates

Updates to contracts, payments and invoices immediately on acceptance.

Retained history archive

A vault of documentation and data captured from day one, forever.

My first engagement with payment gateway has been accepted. Onward and upward!
Chris Hooper
Chris Hooper
Cirillo Hooper

Process & compliance

Professional indemnity insurance is usually bound by your client audit trail and scope of accepted services. Practice Ignition centralizes this and makes sure you stay compliant.

Secured storage

We store your signed engagement letters for life, so your client's information is protected.


Maintain a consistent sales approach within your practice with standardized services.

Audit trail

View every action that happens in a proposal, from status updates to change requests.

Powerful integrations

Get the complete cloud accounting experience and take automation to the next level by connecting your existing accounting and workflow systems to Practice Ignition.

Connected apps

When you win the business we automate your accounting and workflow systems.

Seamless client sync

New clients are created as required and existing clients are kept in sync.

Clever jobs

No more time consuming setup. Your teams workflow is setup and assigned based off your client accepting a proposal.

Connected invoicing

Connect existing revenue accounts and services for simplified, automated reporting inside your ledger.

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