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2109 AMER Customer Story Blogbanner
Implementing change within your organization requires careful management—not just with your colleagues, but also with your clients. For example, if the process of sending an annual fixed price engagement letter is new to your firm, then you’ll have to effectively communicate this with your clients. The earlier you start preparing your clients for change, the better. Once you make the decision to move forward and change the way you engage with clients, you should send them an email, newsletter, or even a letter explaining the changes in detail while ensuring you are outlining when the changes ...
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2109 APAC Upfront Pricing blogbanner
Upfront pricing, whether fixed fee or value-based (or a combination of both), is not a new concept to the accounting industry; we have heard...
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2102 GLOBAL WIA blog Workplace Work For Women Meta Image v2
The world is changing, but is the workplace keeping up with this pace of change? While the number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 has reac...
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2108 AMER That Awkward Convo Overdue Payments Blog Banner
When you got into the accounting or bookkeeping business, you probably made that career choice to put to good use a number of your skills an...
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2107 APAC Guarding Against Scope Creep blogbanner
Are you currently undertaking additional grant work? Are your scope and engagements up to date to mitigate your practice’s risk of scope cre...
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2104 Global Quarterly Product Highlights blogbanner
Back in April, our New Proposal Editor went global, becoming the default experience for new customers, and the preferred editor for existing...
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2106 AMER That Awkward Convo Embrace Scope Creep Blog Banner
Do you tend to cringe when clients ask you to do more than the work they’ve originally hired you to do? Or when they take up your time, pick...
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2106 AMER That Awkward Convo Discussing Prices Blog Banner
When you shop at the grocery, you can see the price of the apples, posted right there on the bin. No one is having that awkward conversation...
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2106 EMEA Customer Spotlight Abbeygate Accounting Social Banner v2
Abbeygate Accountancy is a progressive practice based in Bury St Edmunds, England offering a range of accounting, bookkeeping and advisory s...
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2106 Global Client Re engagement blogbanner
For many of you, re-engaging clients might be a simple process. You ask the client if they’re happy with the work you’ve completed for them ...
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2105 EMEA Payments blogbanner
Many clients still object to providing their credit card details upfront when signing a proposal or engagement. They usually have a ‘valid’ ...
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2106 GLOBAL EOFY Growth Opportunities blogbanner
It’s almost the end of the financial year (EOFY), which means one thing: review time. Client reviews are great - but internal reviews can be...
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2105 AMER Customer Spotlight Jeffery Davidson Social Banner
Jeffery Davidson is President of Jeffery Davidson & Associates, a full-service accounting practice based in the outskirts of Houston, U.S. W...
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