Ignite Your Practice

An actionable guide to grow and scale your accounting or bookkeeping firm in the modern, cloud-centric world.

What's in the book?

The accounting industry is in a time of change and disruption. New systems, solutions and business opportunities are appearing every single day. This book takes a look at the best journey to navigate your way through such innovation - and expose how you can truly take advantage of it. With each chapter, you’ll be guided onto a path that will allow you to adapt and thrive as a true cloud accounting professional.

From two authors that have come from a multi-million dollar cloud accounting firm and one of the largest cloud accounting providers in the world, experiences and advice are shared that will truly allow you to understand what true cloud accounting represents and the efficiency drivers it can unlock.

Map and Automate Your Business Processes

by Guy Pearson

Learn how to map out your processes and find out what can be automated with software.

Hire The Right People To Take You Forward

by Trent McLaren

Having a high number employees should no longer be a point of pride. Having the right employees should be.

Price Your Services Based On The Value You Provide

by Guy Pearson

Charging hourly doesn't allow you to take advantage of your new time savings. Value-based pricing does.

Become An Invaluable Asset To Your Clients

by Guy Pearson

Identify your core strengths as a practice and find your niche to deliver outstanding value to your clients.

Overflow Your Practice With New Leads

by Trent McLaren

Learn how to drive a lot more leads to your firm. This allows you to be picky with the clients you take on.

Become A Winning Sales Organisation

by Trent McLaren

What good are leads if you don't sign them? Sign more clients in less time by leveraging software.

Improve Client Retention and Crush Churn

by Guy Pearson

Retention is key for successful practices. The 1% practices actually achieve "negative churn".

Grow By Shrinking; Fire Bad Clients

by Trent McLaren

Bad clients are not only a headache but end up costing your firm money. Prune your client base to suit your needs.

Buy or Merge To Grow Much Faster

by Guy Pearson

If you're ready to take the next step and catapult your growth, consider buying or merging with another firm.