Improvements to your experience in our recent product updates

Together with closing our latest round of funding, we've released a series of improvements to make using Practice Ignition more enjoyable and efficient.

You may have already noticed these improvements and introduced them into your workflow. If you haven't yet, we can lend a hand.

Streamline Signing into Practice Ignition with Xero

In case you missed it on stage at Xerocon Brisbane, Practice Ignition is one of the first Xero app partners to allow you to sign in using your Xero credentials.

Xero recently released “Sign in with Xero”, to help reduce the pain of credentials management. You can now use your Xero account to sign in to Practice Ignition, which means one less password to keep track of!

Using Practice Ignition together with Sign in with Xero ensures switching between your core practice apps is seamless. Just another way Xero and Practice Ignition are improving your efficiency and streamlining your experience.

Try out ‘Sign in with Xero’ the next time you log in to Practice Ignition!

Accept AMEX Payments in Australia

One of Practice Ignition’s strategic goals is to provide payments parity across all our regions. This can sometimes take time due to regulations and also the capabilities of partners available to us in each region.

We are pleased to announce that, through the help of a new payments partner, we are able to provide Australian customers the capability to accept American Express (AMEX) credit card payments from clients.

We will be transitioning all Australian accounts to our new partner over the next month and you will receive information on what we need from you to transition, soon. We appreciate your timely assistance in providing this information.

If you would like to skip the queue and opt into this functionality early, please contact us at [email protected] and we can provide instructions on how we can move your account ahead of the planned schedule.

Sync Changes to your Karbon Work Templates

If you are using our Karbon integration, you will love a new feature that enables you to sync the newest templates created in Karbon to your Practice Ignition account.

If you have just added a new Karbon template, you can go into your Practice Ignition account under Apps > Karbon and hit “Sync”. This will bring across your latest work templates that you can then map to your services in Practice Ignition.

Have a look at the video below to show you how:

If you are not yet using Karbon and Practice Ignition, have a look at our webinar on the integration here.

Manage Client Payment Detail Changes More Easily

Sometimes clients need to change their payment details after accepting a proposal, and we have been listening to your feedback on some of the ways we can make this easier for you.

We have made some improvements to streamline the management of client details including:

  1. A new email notification sent to payment notification recipients when a client updates their payment details via the client payment details form.
  2. Access to the client payment details form URL for clients via the client export.

This combination can be used to run an email campaign ahead of end of financial year to ask if clients need to update their details. Using the client export along with your emailing app (e.g. Mailchimp) you can update subscribers to add their custom Practice Ignition payments URL to your emails. Then, when a client updates their payment details, Practice Ignition will notify you by email.

We will be looking at further improvements to the management of client payment details in the near future too, so stay tuned for more here!

Export the Details of your Disbursals

Based on your feedback, we have added a new export to Practice Ignition for the payments contained in a disbursal.

This export can be useful if you want more information about what specific client payments are contained in a disbursal - for instance if you are not using one of our supported cloud ledgers where payments are automatically reconciled.

Access this new export from inside the disbursal details drawer after selecting the disbursal. We have also updated the interface inside the drawer to make all columns filterable in case you still prefer to interrogate your disbursal information in app.

Comply with new UK Strong Customer Authentication Regulations

On September 14th a new EU payments rule called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) came into force under PSD2 regulations, which is aimed at reducing credit card fraud. This regulatory change affects our customers in the UK who are collecting credit card payments through Practice Ignition.

Behind the scenes we’ve updated Practice Ignition payments to be fully compliant with SCA. While we expect minimal impact given payments through Practice Ignition are classified as ‘Merchant Initiated Transactions’, should your clients need to authenticate their payments they will now be able to do so as per these regulations.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to improving Practice Ignition with each new release! Stay tuned - Onwards and Upwards!

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