Better visibility into your client billings

June 21st, 2020 by Practice Ignition Team 3 minutes read

Exceptional client relationships should be at the heart of every professional services practice.

Today, we’re announcing updates to the client view in Practice Ignition so you have better visibility into the context of your client relationships.

These improvements will help you provide an exceptional client experience by allowing you to see all future client billings, invoices and client payments in one place – no matter which proposal they come from.

A client-centric view of billings and cash flow

With the new Client Billing Schedule section you'll be able to see a complete record of future billings at the client level. You’ll no longer have to remember which proposal a service or billing was on. Now, all client billings for every proposal will be stored in one place.

Do you need to find the amount a client will be billed on the 1st of December? No problems! On the client billing schedule, you can navigate to any billing date to see the total list of items to be billed.

Similarly, to manage your payment collections for any invoice, or to see a history of billings that are now invoices, visit the Invoice & Payments view for the client. This view again consolidates all invoices and payments for a client, no matter how many proposals they may be split across.

Never miss a manual billing again

For services that require confirmation before invoicing, such as ‘on completion’ services or estimates, the Manual Billing section within the Billing Schedule is the new place to finalize pricing and issue the invoice. You’ll also have the ability to schedule invoices for a future date. So, if you’ve completed the work but need to hold off on invoicing, you can confirm the invoice amount and schedule it for later. For example, if a client likes to receive invoices on the 25th of the month, you’ll no longer have to be online to issue an on completion invoice for that date. Schedule in advance and we’ll handle the rest!

For those of you who are using hourly billing, we also have taken the opportunity to address your feedback. We’re excited to let you know you now have the ability to set a fractional quantity for prices (think 1.25 hours).

We’ve also implemented a brand new client-level filter for manual billings. Select this filter while on the client list to see all clients with manual billings that are overdue, due in the next week, month or within any time frame. If you use on completion or estimate payments, this will make it even easier to keep your finger on the pulse. There’s no need to miss a manual billing again!

A client-centric Practice Ignition

These improvements are just the beginning. We’re looking to build on this visibility and provide more client-centered insights and functionality to help you manage your client relationships at every stage of the client journey. Our focus remains the same as it’s always been – to help you do business with your clients.

The Client Billing Schedule will be rolled out progressively to customers over the coming weeks. You will be notified via email when this functionality is enabled in your account.

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