The Perfect Automated Sales Process (for Professional Service Businesses)

Many businesses rely on a broken sales process that's supported by lots of manual data entry.

This causes inefficiencies and limits your growth. Leads don't get followed up with, your client database lacks data, there's lot of human error and things get forgotten.

That shouldn't be the case in 2018!

We've designed the perfect sales process that's automated by connecting software together.

By automating your sales process, you will:

  • Improve your sales conversion rate
  • Be able to build sales assets much faster
  • Drastically reduce human error
  • Automate many manual tasks
  • Save tons of time

In the infographic below we share some top software to use throughout your workflow. You can connect everything using Zapier to make your sales process work flawlessly.


This infographic is interactive. Scroll over the workflow on the right to find hidden hints!

Bonus Gif
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