The Digital CPA's Jay Kimelman on Streamlining Tax Season

April 6th, 2016

The Digital Cpa

Innovative Orlando, Florida-based online accountancy, the digital CPA, eschews 'tradition' in a remarkably effective manner. Offering traditional bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and tax services. the digital CPA also offers its clients a menu of training and support services.

That last feature is a defining trait of the digital CPA. To that end, the firm works with clients to find better software solutions. The software in place inside a client’s business has a bearing on that company’s accounting results and, ultimately, its profitability. 

This offers a unique advantage compared with many other practices, wherein clients are expected either to conform to the agency’s chosen software solution or (worse) the accountancy is forced to conform to the client’s existing system. Kimelman’s  the digital CPA entertains no ‘sacred cows’ when it comes to the client's’ software. And the company’s training and support services have been designed around making such transitions run smoothly for all involved.

Recently, we talked with the digital CPA Founder and Chief Information Officer Jay Kimelman about the busy US tax season, which draws to a close on April 15th. the digital CPA has been streamlining their efforts steadily over the course of the five years since it was founded. And, according to Kimelman, Practice Ignition has become an integral part of the company’s processes.

Change is the Only Constant

“We have been a firm in constant change since we started at this full time in 2011,” Jay told us.

“It started with me as a one man show. I did everything from marketing, networking, client engagement, all of the work, billing, collecting, etc. Since then, we have grown to have four full-time and two part-time staff members.”

Jay went on to tell us about his company's implementation of Practice Ignition, which has been selected to address some of the challenges the firm has faced.

“One of the tools that have made it easy is Practice Ignition,” Kimelman added.

“We took the time to set it up correctly and now Claudia Evangelista, our Operations Manager, can easily fire off the engagement to the client. 

The efficiencies are beneficial to both us and the client given that we only need to prepare a document for the engagement letter and invoice and collect in a single step. The client get one email and can process it quickly. We send the document with no need to create a separate invoice, go through separate collection, or even post the payment.”

“Practice Ignition does it all for us.”

the digital CPA is using Practice Ignition for bookkeeping and cleanup engagement proposals, taking full advantage of Practice Ignition.
For such engagements, Practice Ignition's ability to schedule invoices and payments allows the company flexibility with clients throughout the engagement process, freeing our staff from the admin hassles. That means Kimelman and Co. have their hands free more of the time to enlist new clients.

All for Engagement

Here on this blog, we have routinely preached our belief that accountancies must evolve to stay vital in the present accounting space. By expanding its purview beyond the traditional realm of ‘mere numbers,’ the firm is offering more personalised services to its clients. 

And that’s the key: creating significant differentiation between your firm and its nearest competitors. By bringing its stable of expertise in technology and training, the digital CPA is able to unique position itself in its engagement letters.

What’s setting your accountancy apart from the pack? Are you certain that you are always bringing that out in your proposals? If so, how? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment space below.

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