WorkflowMax + Practice Ignition

Connect WorkflowMax with Practice Ignition to streamline your workflow and automate client onboarding.
Streamline your workflow

Automatically deploy jobs in WorkflowMax based on services accepted by your clients in Practice Ignition. That means you no longer need to manually create jobs in WorkflowMax when onboarding clients. Say goodbye to double entry!

Once set up you'll streamline client onboarding, reduce wasted time and eliminate any chance of error. It's a smarter way to run your business.

Seamless contact sync

Push your contacts from Practice Ignition to WorkflowMax, allowing you to maintain a single database of all your clients.

It's a 2-way sync, meaning you can also push your contacts from WorkflowMax over to Practice Ignition.

This ensures that all your data is synced when you move between systems. That means better efficiency and less headaches.

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