Karbon + Practice Ignition

Automate your workflow and reduce your client onboarding time, by integrating Karbon and Practice Integration.
Streamline your client onboarding

Automatically create work items in Karbon the moment your client accepts their Practice Ignition proposal. Combining the two apps together allows you to create a seamless client onboarding workflow.

Reduce your onboarding time and free up your team to get started right away—without any wasted time or the risk of forgotten tasks.

Seamless workflow, right from your first client meeting

Don’t reinvent the wheel—any services accepted by your clients in Practice Ignition will trigger its linked Karbon template to create a work item automatically.

Everyone on your team will instantly know what they need to work on and when, right down to the individual task—without any low-value admin or setup required.

Karbon is where work gets done

Karbon is a workstream collaboration platform built to increase visibility, efficiency and communication across teams, departments and locations.

Deeply integrated with your email, Karbon increases your team’s output by combining email and internal communication with powerful workflow, systemized processes and automation in a single cloud-native platform.

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