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Practice Ignition was built by accountants for accountants

Our founder, Guy Pearson, started Practice Ignition out of the frustration of onboarding and billing clients at his accounting practice. He knew there was a better way than time tracking and chasing clients to be paid. 

We have features that were designed specifically for the industry like native accounting software integrations and engagement letter automation. That makes Practice Ignition the best accountant billing and client management software available–there's no question about it. 

Eliminate debtors, get paid faster

When accounting practices move to value based pricing and implement Practice Ignition, they no longer have to chase clients to get paid. 

The Practice Ignition billing system is built right in to your proposals (see a sample proposal for accounting services) . That means that when the client signs your proposal, they agree to your payment terms and you collect payment at the same time. 

When you're done work, just click accept and collect your money.

Read how Rise Business solutions eliminated 100% of their debtors with Practice Ignition

Flexible billing for modern practices

The Practice Ignition accountant billing software is flexible and designed specifically for accounting firms:

  • Collect payments on proposals via credit card or ACH
  • Process payments based on acceptance, on completion or on a recurring basis (that's right, we take care of recurring payments!)
  • Adapt to your customers' cash flow needs or spread your payments throughout the month with custom Recurring collection days.
  • Require payment as part of the client signature process - no payment, no engagement
  • Retry rejected payments with one click
  • Identify soon-to-be expiring credit cards
  • Entirely cloud based, so it goes where you go

Build winning proposals fast

With your pricing and service library you can build proposals that win you more business. All it takes it a few clicks of your mouse to send out a proposal to a potential client. 

Our e-signature system means that your clients can sign on a desktop or mobile device instead of printing off documents and scanning them. It's fast, efficient and a streamlined way to sign clients.

Engagement letter automation

Never worry about piecing together an engagement letter again. Each Practice Ignition proposal includes your engagement letter which generates your client information, terms of service, contract dates and more.

This reduces the chance of human error, eliminates needless administrative time and ensures compliance for each proposal you send out. 

Native accounting integrations

Connect to Xero or QuickBooks Online to fully automate your invoicing. We automatically create invoices and then reconcile them for you when they're paid. We'll even send the invoice and payment receipt to your client. It's truly set it and forget it.

You can also pull in your clients from your ledger software to streamline your practice. This makes it easy to send them a proposal and get paid for your work. We're an outstanding client management software for accountants.

Workflow on autopilot

Using our Zapier or Xero Practice Manager integrations you can put your workflow tasks on autopilot. When a proposal is accepted in Practice Ignition you can have your jobs to be deployed automatically in your workflow software.

That saves you time setting up jobs and streamlines your practice. We're way more than just billing software, Practice Ignition is a smarter way to run your practice.

Monitor everything in your dashboard

When you start accepting payments with Practice Ignition, you get a business dashboard built specifically for your practice. You can monitor key performance indicators like your number of clients, payment disbursal schedule, recurring payments and more. 

It's the dashboard every accounting/CPA practice needs to forecast their growth and make better business decisions. 

Start using Practice Ignition accountant billing software to reduce debtors, streamline your workflow and grow your practice.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can use Practice Ignition free for 14 days. It includes all of the features and all of the support.

Does Practice Ignition work for CPA practices?

Yes, Practice Ignition is a perfect fit for CPAs.

Does your software support time tracking?

No! We don't believe that accountants need 'time and billing software'... 'billing software' is enough when you move to value based pricing. You should be billing based on the value you provide, not an hourly rate.

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